Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sign Language at 2 Years (and a verbal language update)

  1. milk
  2. more
  3. food/ eat
  4. bug
  5. horse (also neighs)
  6. dog (also woofs)
  7. dada
  8. cow (also moos)
  9. apple
  10. cracker
  11. thank you
  12. baby
  13. help (not the ASL sign but baby sign)
  14. water
  15. hat
  16. nose
  17. ball
  18. bird (also chirps)
  19. all done 
  20. outside
  21. cat (also meows)
  22. hair
  23. grandma (uses father sign)
  24. grandpa (uses father sign)
  25. mouse
  26. please
  27. orange
  28. nut
  29. cereal
  30. tree
  31. sign
  32. time
  33. book
  34. mama!
  35. juice
  36. flower
  37. chicken
  38. pig
  39. light
  40. thank you 
  41. banana
  42. balloon
  43. bubble
  44. goat (also bleats, haha)
  45. popcorn (makes a popping sound)
  46. lion (also roars)
  47. monkey (makes a monkey sound)
  48. bear (also roars)
  49. carrot
  50. cookie
  51. butterfly
  52. fish
  53. orange (the color)
  54. strawberry (uses the same sign for blueberry)
  55. ice
  56. moon
  57. star
  58. hot
  59. pear
Verbal words:
  1. bubble (he was calling his birthday balloons "bubbles" all day, so cute!)
  2. mama
  3. dada
  4. apple  
  5. book 
  6. two (says doo)
(He also thinks that anything more than one is two and it's so cute!) I've decided there is no point in stressing about his verbal development when he is doing so well with signing. He will follow a verbal command perfectly and immediately so as far as I can tell, he is processing speech just fine. He picks up new signs very quickly, even if he's just mimicking the action, which other kids may do with verbal words. He can communicate very clearly, although since most people don't know ASL, it can be a little confusing when he signs to people other than me and my husband, and people who know ASL, of course! At two years old, children are expected to use at least 50 words and ASL counts toward that, so he's right on track! I know a few children his age that clearly speak sentences (!) but they are mostly girls, who tend to speak earlier, and all children progress at different paces anyway. I try to compare him to other children sparingly and enjoy him for who he is, and not just his abilities. He impresses me everyday with different things he can do like puzzles and climbing. It's so awesome to see him thinking and then do something; you can actually see him figuring things out.
So I've counted 59 signs and I'm sure I'm forgetting some. I'm so proud of my smart little guy. I love him so much and I look forward to updating more about his new accomplishments.

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