Monday, December 23, 2013

Sign Language Update: 20 Months Old, 43 signs!

Signing Banana

  1. milk
  2. more
  3. food/ eat
  4. bug
  5. horse
  6. do
  7. dad
  8. cow
  9. apple
  10. cracker
  11. thank you
  12. baby
  13. help (not the ASL sign but baby sign)
  14. water
  15. hat
  16. nose
  17. ball
  18. bird 
  19. grandpa
  20. all done 
  21. outside
  22. cat 
  23. hair
  24. grandma (uses father sign)
  25. grandpa (uses father sign)
  26. mouse
  27. please

New signs:

  • Orange
  • Nut
  • Cereal
  • Tree
  • Sign
  • Time
  • Book
  • Mama!
  • Juice
  • Flower
  • Chicken
  • Pig
  • Juice
  • Light
  • Thank you 
  • Banana
We hadn't been watching Signing Time that often and hadn't learned many signs lately (we'd been watching Winnie-the-Pooh a lot!)  Then his grandma gave us a new puzzle with jungle animals and we started watching the "Zoo Train" episode of Signing Time, as well as others like the food episode.  He's been responding really well to learning new signs so we're gonna keep at it!  He even asks to watch it by signing "signing time."  He can say (with prompting) phrases like "more cereal please mama."  It's so amazing as he still isn't verbally saying more than "mama" and "dada" but knows and uses at least 43 ASL signs!  He is babbling so much more since we weaned him from the pacifier and is just starting to mimic, which most children do at a younger age but is a good sign for spoken language development.  I can't wait for him to speak more but his signing skills continue to amaze me!

If you want to read more about Robbie's sign language, click here!

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