Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sign Language at 19 months old (and a small speech update)

  1. milk
  2. more
  3. food/ eat
  4. bug
  5. horse
  6. do
  7. dad
  8. cow
  9. apple
  10. cracker
  11. thank you
  12. baby
  13. help (not the ASL sign but baby sign)
  14. water
  15. hat
  16. nose
  17. ball
  18. bird 
  19. grandpa
  20. all done 
  • outside
  • cat (signed it unprompted yesterday!)
  • hair
  • grandma (uses father sign)
  • grandpa (uses father sign)
  • mouse
  • please (!) 
He learned "please" really fast, like we showed him once and he signed it and will sign it every time you ask him.  The other day, he signed "more cracker please!"  It is amazing that he can "say" this as up until a week or so ago, he was only verbally saying "ma" correctly.  He used other sounds a lot but used "ma" for me and Daddy.  Then last week he finally started using "dada" (the verbal word) for Daddy!  He will sometimes say "ma" to Daddy but last night when Daddy wasn't home, he walked up to me and said "dede" and then signed "dada!"  He then proceeded to walk around the house, knocking on the doors and walls, yelling "dede," trying to find him.  It was so awesome that his speech is slowly coming along!  He also seems to be saying "duh" for duck and "nigh-nigh" for night-night.  So exciting!
We're now working on:
  • juice (for smoothie)
  • light 
  • mama
  • pig (has signed it a few times)
  • flower
  • chicken
  • monkey (he says "oo-oo-ah-ah") 
  • book
  • jungle animals
I'm excited to see how his speech will come along in the next few months and how his signing will continue as well.  We are planning on continuing to teach him ASL through childhood so I hope he continues to learn the signs as well as he has been.

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