Thursday, November 7, 2013

Robbie is 18 Months Old!

It's going to sound cliché but it seems like we just had Robbie's 1st birthday party.  How are we already halfway to the next one?!  Here are some (okay, a lot of) facts about Robbie at 18 months old:
  • He has 16 teeth!  Just have the last molars left.
  • He knows over 25 words in sign language.
  • He only says "mama" and "dada" verbally but "talks" a lot.  He also hums and will "sing" if we sing words or a tune.  He also "woofs" and "moos".
  • He can hop on two feet many times in a row.  He has done a somersault a few times!
  • He is a daredevil! He stands on the seat of his "Scoot- About" with no hands, stands on his Jumperoo, he's starting to step off things if he expects you to catch him.
  • He loves fruits and vegetables but doesn't eat much food at a time.  We just started giving him smoothies and he really likes them.
  • He still uses the Playtex straw cups. He only drinks water and smoothies.
  • He still nurses through the night and many times a day.
  • As of last night, no more pacifiers!
  • He is very independent.
  • He loves animals (his favorite right now is a cow.)
  • He also has found a new love for cars.
  • He was "Robin" from Batman for Halloween (see picture above.)
  • He loves watching "Nightmare Before Christmas" and recognizes the tune if we hum it.
  • His favorite TV shows are Kipper, Thomas & Friends, and Signing Time (also knows the songs.
  • We still wear him in the Ergo a few times a week.
  • He has been cloth diapered since birth!  Our favorites are still Fuzzibunz and Tots Bots Bamboozles with Bumby wool.
  • He still sleeps with us and we all still love it!
  • He scoots around on his Radio Flyer "Scoot-About".
  • He wears 18 month size clothes but still fits 12 month size shirts.
  • He's a hit everywhere he goes, he's such a flirt!
  • His bedtime is around 8- 9 pm and wakes up around 8.
  • He's a very happy child and is also very mischievous (in the playful sense)!  We love his personality.  He can be sensitive especially when teething.  He is getting better at understanding why he can't always do what he wants.
  • He measured 26.8 pounds and 33.5 inches tall at his 18 month pediatrician visit.
  • He doesn't like getting his hands dirty.
  • He makes the cutest scrunched-up face when he's being mischievous that I hope he makes forever!
  • He loves going outside and cries when we make him go inside.
  • Sometimes he'll wake quietly from a nap and climb onto the computer desk.
  • He seems very baby-ish when he wakes in the night.  He's such a toddler during the day and then seems so young in the night.
  • He gives "high fives".
I love him so much. When I look at pictures of him as a baby, it makes me want another one but how can I love someone else as much as him?! I'm so interested to see what happens in the next 6 months.

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