Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sign Language as of 10-17-13 (almost 18 months old)

  • milk
  • more (all uses: food, TV show, etc.)
  • food/ eat
  • bug
  • horse
  • dog (he also woofs!)
  • dada (also uses it for grandparents of both sexes)
  • cow (also moos, his general sign for animals)
  • apple
  • cracker
  • thank you (so cute!)
  • baby 
  • help
  • water (puts index finger in mouth, knows the drinking liquid ) 
  • hat (rubs head)
  • nose
  • ball
  • bird 
  • grandpa (not sure if he's pulling his head away from his head on purpose or just done signing, but uses a sign for grandpa)
  • all done
This morning when he wasn't quite awake, he started waving!  I don't know if he was dreaming or starting his day by saying hello.  Oh my gosh, it was adorable.  He's still continuing to sign "dada" when he's falling asleep, I melt every time.
He is finally signing milk again.  He'll often sign "more" first but does come to me sometimes and clearly sign "milk."  No more wiggling his fingers, but closing his hand with the fingers together.
The other day we were in line at Buy Buy Baby and he was looking at the toys behind us and touching his thumbs together.  I'd never seen this sign before and wasn't sure what he was doing until I looked behind me and there were balls!  He was signing "ball!"  We weren't actively teaching him "ball," just every once in a while so it was so cool that he remembered and used it on his own.  The next day he was standing by our TV that is blocked off with a yoga ball (classy I know) and asked for help and then signed "ball" again!
My parents have some bobble-head figurines from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" that Robbie loves to look at.  Last night he kept signing "help" to Grandpa so Grandpa would lift him up to look at them.  He kept doing it over and over and Grandpa couldn't say no because it's so cute!

We're now working on:
  • light 
  • mama
  • pig
  • cat
  • flower
  • chicken
  • monkey (he sometimes says oo-oo-ah-ah!) 
  • book
I need to get help from one of my friends that is deaf to create a sign for Robbie's name.  Names in sign language are important and the consensus in the deaf community is that only a deaf person can create a name sign.  You could definitely finger-spell a name but creating a name sign is different.  I'm not sure what the specifics are (I'll have to ask her) but I believe as long as a deaf person assigns the sign, the name "recipient" doesn't have to be deaf.  I just want Robbie to be able to call himself something, like he can sign "mama" or "dada."  I think she'll be happy to help!

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