Saturday, September 28, 2013

PITS! Natural Deodorant by Thinc Skin

I LOVE this deodorant by Thinc Skin!  I've tried so many different natural deodorants and this is not only the only one that worked for me, but I really do like the product.
I try to use more natural body products whenever possible and it's particularly important to use a safe deodorant.  Though there are arguments whether the aluminum in conventional deodorants/ antiperspirants is dangerous, I won't risk it, especially as a breastfeeding mother.  Besides the aluminum, there are many other nasty chemicals like artificial fragrances and petrolatum and ingredients I can't pronounce or know what they are.  The ingredients in the PITS deodorant are natural oils and butters, with baking soda and arrowroot to help combat wetness.  I've seen many DIY deodorant recipes that use similar ingredients but I haven't been successful in replicating this product.  I continue buying this product as I love it so much and I can help support my favorite local business (Kissed by the Moon) as well!
Although I didn't expect this product to prevent perspiration like a conventional antiperspirant would, it does wonders with preventing odors.  I used to use a "clinical strength" deodorant as I sweat a lot and eventually if I sweat too much, I would start to stink!  Though I still sweat a bit now, the lavender and tea tree oil in the SUPER Fresh! scent help to kill the bacteria that cause odor and with the other oils, make for a really lovely natural fragrance!  I've found that it will even cover up any existing odor as well without creating a weird mix of body odor and perfume that smell terrible, like my conventional deodorant would.  One day when I was out with my sisters, I realized it'd forgotten to apply the PITS deodorant that I'd brought with me in my purse and I needed it, if you know what I mean.  I went to the bathroom and when I came back, my sisters asked if I'd just used a lavender perfume.  I said no, that it was actually my deodorant and I'd been smelling a little funky just a minute before.  They asked to see it and I passed the glass jar around and one even applied it as a hand lotion.  Because it is made up of oils and butters, it is very moisturizing as well as a great deodorant.  I even rub the excess on my dry elbows and my hands, instead of washing it off.  It's best to use an applicator or stick to get the product out of the jar to prevent contamination, but I just use my fingers to get the product out and also apply it with my fingers.
I'm so happy that I tried it based on the suggestions from my friends in the Kissed by the Moon chat group.  I had tried so many other "natural" deodorant options and the ladies in the group were raving about the new deodorant at KBTM.  So when I got a gift certificate for KBTM, I finally ordered it.  Of course it arrived quickly, as their shipping is so fast!  I wasn't sure about the application when I first got it but once I had enough with my other options, I tried it and loved how it worked.  Whenever people ask for suggestions for natural body products, I recommend this.  No, it likely won't keep you completely sweat-free but it will control odor and can even double as a light perfume!
If you're looking for a deodorant made from truly natural ingredients, I wholeheartedly recommend this one.  There is even a scent for men and one for sensitive skin. It is available at Kissed by the Moon for $7.50, what a deal!

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