Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Breastfeeding Update at almost 17 Months

I have now been nursing Robbie for almost 17 months!  I never had an end date in mind so I'm not surprised that we've made it this far and considering Robbie's personality, I don't see him stopping anytime soon!
Considering Robbie eats much more food and drinking more water since my last update at 8 months, I would think there would be many changes to his nursing but there really isn't.  The biggest change is a few weeks ago I stopped going home during work to nurse him.  I thought my "accommodation" would end at 12 months and was ecstatic when my supervisor said I could continue to go home as long as Robbie was breastfeeding.  Recently things changed and my supervisor asked me to pick an end date (of my accommodation) for scheduling purposes.  I told him at this point we would be fine with ending the accommodation now.  So it ended.  Of course I am sad about it but I really didn't expect to get the almost 4 extra months that I did.  And I do run inside to see my sweetie when I get home!  I am usually pretty full of milk when I get home, even though I only work 5 hour shifts.  He still nurses many times during a 5 hour period so that is why, which is unusual for some children.
If I had to put a number on it, I would say he still nurses at least every two hours, but not necessarily for a bellyful of milk.  If he's tired or hurts himself or even bored, he will "ask" by signing "more" or "milk" and I really don't mind since I'm just hanging out at home.  When we are out of the home, he asks much less since he's so busy with other things.  I rarely nurse in public and am usually more discreet than the above photo (for my own preference) but he wanted to nurse right then and I was busy!  I was a little bit nervous about how the woman doing my nails would react but she didn't even flinch and even looked at him and praised me for nursing him!  It was an awesome nursing in public experience.  For some people they may be shocked to hear he nurses every two hours, "like a newborn," but as a newborn, he nursed like every hour!  I do not mind nursing him at home whenever he wants and I don't consider him spoiled for it.  As for nighttime, I can't be definite on the number of times he nurses.  It really varies especially when he's sick or teething.  His sleep is really affected by teething.  Lately, he has been sleeping relatively well.  I've mentioned before that we cosleep/ bedshare and lately I've been nursing him on the same side as long as he's content with that and even leaning over and giving him the other side without rolling over.  I find this disrupts everyone the least.  I feel much more rested this way.  For whatever reason, he's also starting to sleep in again, like he did before spring made him a relatively early riser.  Today he slept til 10:15!  I love it, haha.  If I think about last night and tried to think of how many times he nursed, it's really hard!  Which means it was a good night!  The worst nights are when I know I woke up this many times, at this time of night.  I would say, maybe four times but we both barely woke up at all, which I'm totally fine with.  Of course I would prefer if he slept through the night, but he doesn't, so last night was a good night ☺.
He eats food about 4 times a day: breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner.  He's not a big eater but eats a large variety of things.  Since I started eating chicken, he's been better at eating meat.  He will eat my serving of chicken sometimes!  I mentioned in my "Vegetarian No More" post about our Instagram; if you want to see what my toddler is eating, go follow us!

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