Friday, August 23, 2013

Robbie's Sign Language at (almost) 16 Months

  • Milk (also signed while "babbling" in sign)
  • More
  • Food/ eat
  • Bug!
Bug was a funny development.  He'd been touching his nose with his thumb with his hand spread open but couldn't figure out when he was trying to say.  Water?  Whatever it was, it was really cute and interesting, as his signs are always initiated by us and we weren't actively teaching him a sign like this.  Then while we were watching the Baby Signing Time: A New Day, when the song "I'm a Bug" came on, he used this mysterious sign!  We've used the sign before when watching the video but don't normally show it to him.  We tend to focus on food signs, if that says anything about us. It is so adorable to see him decide to use this sign all by himself, although he's not usually talking about bugs.  It may turn out that he's been saying something else, or babbling but either way, it's a cool development.
We're now working on:
  • water
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • some foods like apple, cracker (though we may make our own, it's a hard sign for a baby), granola bar
  • thank you 
One awesome thing about sign (among many things) is that he uses a phrase!  He says "more food."  If it was speech at his age, it may be "mo foo" but he's not even there yet.  It makes me so happy to know that he can communicate with us, even if not with speech.  This makes me more invested in teaching him sign and I can't wait til he learns more.

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