Friday, August 23, 2013

Robbie's Favorite Pacifier: Nuk pacifiers for my breastfed baby

When I was pregnant I did not expect my child to take a pacifier. I was planning to (and went on to) breastfeed and I had heard opinions about how pacifiers may be detrimental to the breastfeeding relationship in the beginning. A baby needs to stimulate the mother's milk supply to make sure she makes enough and if a baby uses a pacifier, it's not stimulating the breast. Plus for purely selfish reasons: I strongly dislike pacifiers in pictures! So for many reasons I didn't want to use a pacifier and did not even have any when he was born. I ended up having quite the milk supply from my constantly nursing infant, and I did not mind him nursing all the time. What I did mind was him crying in the car or in the stroller when he went on walks. If someone was holding him, he was perfectly happy but did not like to be put down at all. I think my wanting to soothe him on walks is why we ended up buying some. I researched what was best for breastfed babies and decided to buy Playtex Binky pacifiers. 

Well we all hated them. They were "shaped like mom's nipple" but for a baby that had never used a pacifier, it was hard to keep in because of the shape. We then tried the same brand but the orthodontic kind to see if he could keep them in better. They worked a bit better but he still didn't like them. 
We pretty much only offered them when we were on walks as I held him or wore him the rest of the time. I starting thinking maybe it would be a good idea to offer it to him when I went back to work if he was upset. 
One day when Robbie was about 3 months old, I was at my parents' house and we were getting ready to go visit some family friends. I had forgotten to bring a pacifier (even though he rarely kept one in) and asked my parents if they had any left over from my niece. They happened to have one latex Nuk pacifier (that I think was actually 18 months+ but didn't realize it). He started crying in the car as he always did so I offered the paci and he took it and stopped crying! Did not spit it out! 
This started our real experience with pacifiers. At almost 16 months Robbie still uses them, exclusively Nuk brand though although he seems to prefer latex, he'll use a silicone one. He needs one if Daddy puts him to sleep but if I nurse him to sleep, he only sometimes uses it. If it falls out he will continue to sleep. 
We try not to give it to him except for naptime or bedtime but if he's fussy I'll give it to him, especially in the car. I had planned to not use a paci, then decided when he started using them, to take them away at 6 months. Then I decided 12 months. Now I don't really care! 
I used to be the person that questioned why a three year old was walking around with a paci and though I hope he won't need one by then, who am I to question that? It's not my child. Just another one of my enlightened thoughts that hit me when I actually had a child of my own.

This was supposed to be a review but evolved into my thoughts on pacifiers as well. They sure changed when we started going him the pacifier, just like pretty much all my opinions before I was a parent myself!

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