Saturday, August 24, 2013

How to Add Social Media Icons to Your Blog!

So I'm currently obsessed with social media, especially for my blog (which is kinda silly considering how infrequently I post on the blog but that's another story...)  I noticed when one of my favorite blogs, Life with the Ladniers, had these really cute buttons for her social media sites so I immediately Googled how to do them for my own blog.  I expected it to be a long, tedious process and while it was a bit repetitive, it was completely easy.  I found the instructions at My Favourite Things and she even has icons that you can use, for free!  They are really cute but don't quite fit my blog, and I like the way the icons look on my iPhone so I searched Google for the iPhone versions of each icon: Facebook, youTube, Pinterest, Instagram.  She also provided icons for Google +, etsy, e-mail, and more!  Plus you can use whatever images you want and whatever links you want so really, the sky is the limit.  You could use an image of your dog to link to your dog's website if you wanted.  It is really so much easier than I thought; I imagined you had to use a generator from a outside website but it's just code that you edit, and Olivia is extremely specific and instructive in her directions.
I want you to visit her site for the instructions but I'll give you the basics.  What you'll need is the web address for each of your social media sites, as well as the link for the image you want as the button.  She suggests using Photobucket or a similar site to generate the web address for each image and that's what I used.  All I needed was two web addresses for each social media site.  One thing I changed that I feel accomplished doing was instead of using the HTML option for each button, I put all the code together in one HTML option and then, this is how awesome I am, added "<CENTER>" to the beginning of the code and "</CENTER>" to the end (not necessary) and it centered everything!  I am amazing at HTML! Haha. I'm so happy the way it turned out, it's exactly what I wanted and now people can easily follow me everywhere. So make sure to click on all the buttons to follow our family! 
Thank you Olivia for your virtual help!

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