Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Playtex Li'l Gripper Straw Cup

I've known for a while that the first cup we'd introduce to Robbie would be a straw cup. A vlogger I watch said that she finally realized why her son kept biting while nursing, he had a sippy cup that he had to bite to get liquid out of! Plus if he can use a straw then if we forget his cup then we can just use a cup with a straw! There are also studies done about "bottle mouth" that say even soft spouted sippy cups aren't good for developing jaws. Not to mention since my son has taken few bottles in his life, he doesn't understand that you have to tip it back to get liquid out. (Actually now he might as he tries to use a open-faced cup)
So I was looking for a straw cup that a young baby could use. Not necessarily spill proof since it would be used mainly for water and the spill-proof valves often make it hard for babies to use. I ended up choosing the Li'l Gripper cup because of the handles on the side for babies. There is a toddler version that is taller and doesn't have handles.
So our family loves this cup. He figured out how to use it at about 7 months, a month after we introduced it. It is not spill proof especially if full but doesn't leak when the straw is down, there is a sliding cap that covers it. Some negative reviews of this cup mention that the way the straw sits on the bottom makes it so liquid is wasted but we only use it for water so I don't worry about waste. If it was breast milk then I wouldn't love that.
I've only seen it at Target in green or pink so we have the green at our house and the pink at my parents'. I've seen an orange online I think but I haven't seen it in the store.
My son *really* loves this cup. He will suck water up the straw over and over and just let it spill from his mouth. And I'm glad that he can drink water to help wash down food. I recommend this cup all the time! I wouldn't buy any other

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