Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

This is the stroller we have. Although it is made by Baby Jogger, it is not meant to be a jogging stroller as it doesn't have the larger wheels. We particularly purchased this stroller for a couple reasons. First, since we didn't purchase a travel system or infant carseat, we needed a stroller that a newborn could safely fit in. We did purchase a infant support cushion to go inside the seat though. It is also very easily collapsible: you pull on a strap in the seat of the stroller and it folds right up. Although it is not meant to be a jogging stroller, I have used it as one and I found that it worked really well. The front wheel can be locked in a straight position, like a jogging stroller. I also really like how the stroller reclines.  I'm not really familiar with how other strollers are adjusted but the City Mini is adjusted with a clamp that you squeeze and it can slowly be lowered.  The canopy is huge! It has two positions with a window in each position that is opened with Velcro (a con to some people.)

There are some other cons of the stroller that don't really affect my opinion of the stroller. One is the size of the basket at the bottom. It will not fit my diaper bag or any large one. It can fit quite a bit of things but my bag won't fit down there when it's full.  Also the handle is not as far away from the stroller as others and tall people may kick the bar on the bottom. I've only done it a few times but I'm short, but my husband hasn't at all and doesn't think it's a big deal. Another con is there are no accessories included. For a relatively expensive stroller, to have to buy a cup holder and a child tray, or other accessories, it can add up. The biggest con for me is how it is adjusted for the baby. It's hard to describe but the straps need to be adjusted at a few different points and if you need to tweak it, it's a whole big charade.

All these things being said, I really love the stroller. It is pretty much what I was looking for in a stroller.  It is easy to run with, easily collapsible and my son likes it!

UPDATE 3-6-13:
Husband says he wishes the handle bar was squared as his wrists feel awkward on the curved bar. 

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  1. We decided on the City Select because we want kids close in age and will need a double stroller. The Select has an attachment to convert it to a double stroller. I really liked the Mini and we almost bought that one