Saturday, March 23, 2013

Playtex Nursers with Milk Storage Bags

These are my favorite bottle! I know, also the most wasteful bottle on the market. But we use these very rarely for my breastfed baby and Lansinoh breast milk storage bags *do* fit inside these bottles! I remember someone (my mom?) using these bottles years ago before they had the drop in system. Back then there were liners more like the breast milk storage bags that wrapped over the top of the bottle and then the nipple screwed on the top. Though I've used the drop ins too, I found that the storage bags work just as well so as long as you store your milk in one serving size (which I made the mistake of not doing), you can go from storage to bottle without having to pour from one container to another! Since my son didn't need many bottles this was the perfect solution.
I didn't want to use these bottles since they can be incredibly wasteful, especially if your baby is strictly bottle fed. Now I know washing bottles sucks but for me, I have to wash the nipple and outer part anyway, what's one more piece? The only reason we tried these bottles is he refused to take the lovely, cheap, BPA free, glass Evenflo bottles. The nipple seems to flow really fast even in the stage 1 nipple and it's quite narrow. My parents had the Playtex bottles left over from my niece (and from me and my siblings!) so I bought a few new nipples and tried them out. My parents also had bottle liners left over so I didn't have to buy them. They sell generic ones at Target for really cheap!
I wouldn't recommend these for a strictly bottle fed baby as they are very wasteful in my opinion but I've never heard of a baby that didn't like them. I've recommended them many times to breastfeeding moms whose babies refuse bottles. Maybe it's the wider nipple that reminds them of mom and the slow flow is much slower, also like mom.
I hope this helps a breastfeeding mom (or bottle feeding mom!) find a solution for her picky baby. When I had searched to see if Lansinoh bags were compatible with the Playtex Nursers, people on forums debated about it but I couldn't find a good review. So hopefully this helps someone out that searches like I did!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Playtex Li'l Gripper Straw Cup

I've known for a while that the first cup we'd introduce to Robbie would be a straw cup. A vlogger I watch said that she finally realized why her son kept biting while nursing, he had a sippy cup that he had to bite to get liquid out of! Plus if he can use a straw then if we forget his cup then we can just use a cup with a straw! There are also studies done about "bottle mouth" that say even soft spouted sippy cups aren't good for developing jaws. Not to mention since my son has taken few bottles in his life, he doesn't understand that you have to tip it back to get liquid out. (Actually now he might as he tries to use a open-faced cup)
So I was looking for a straw cup that a young baby could use. Not necessarily spill proof since it would be used mainly for water and the spill-proof valves often make it hard for babies to use. I ended up choosing the Li'l Gripper cup because of the handles on the side for babies. There is a toddler version that is taller and doesn't have handles.
So our family loves this cup. He figured out how to use it at about 7 months, a month after we introduced it. It is not spill proof especially if full but doesn't leak when the straw is down, there is a sliding cap that covers it. Some negative reviews of this cup mention that the way the straw sits on the bottom makes it so liquid is wasted but we only use it for water so I don't worry about waste. If it was breast milk then I wouldn't love that.
I've only seen it at Target in green or pink so we have the green at our house and the pink at my parents'. I've seen an orange online I think but I haven't seen it in the store.
My son *really* loves this cup. He will suck water up the straw over and over and just let it spill from his mouth. And I'm glad that he can drink water to help wash down food. I recommend this cup all the time! I wouldn't buy any other

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

This is the stroller we have. Although it is made by Baby Jogger, it is not meant to be a jogging stroller as it doesn't have the larger wheels. We particularly purchased this stroller for a couple reasons. First, since we didn't purchase a travel system or infant carseat, we needed a stroller that a newborn could safely fit in. We did purchase a infant support cushion to go inside the seat though. It is also very easily collapsible: you pull on a strap in the seat of the stroller and it folds right up. Although it is not meant to be a jogging stroller, I have used it as one and I found that it worked really well. The front wheel can be locked in a straight position, like a jogging stroller. I also really like how the stroller reclines.  I'm not really familiar with how other strollers are adjusted but the City Mini is adjusted with a clamp that you squeeze and it can slowly be lowered.  The canopy is huge! It has two positions with a window in each position that is opened with Velcro (a con to some people.)

There are some other cons of the stroller that don't really affect my opinion of the stroller. One is the size of the basket at the bottom. It will not fit my diaper bag or any large one. It can fit quite a bit of things but my bag won't fit down there when it's full.  Also the handle is not as far away from the stroller as others and tall people may kick the bar on the bottom. I've only done it a few times but I'm short, but my husband hasn't at all and doesn't think it's a big deal. Another con is there are no accessories included. For a relatively expensive stroller, to have to buy a cup holder and a child tray, or other accessories, it can add up. The biggest con for me is how it is adjusted for the baby. It's hard to describe but the straps need to be adjusted at a few different points and if you need to tweak it, it's a whole big charade.

All these things being said, I really love the stroller. It is pretty much what I was looking for in a stroller.  It is easy to run with, easily collapsible and my son likes it!

UPDATE 3-6-13:
Husband says he wishes the handle bar was squared as his wrists feel awkward on the curved bar.