Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our Nap Solution

People often ask how our co-sleeping son takes naps by himself.  I've asked many moms myself when searching for our solution.  One mom told me she slept with her arm drapped over her child.  I said, yeah, at night I do that, but what about during the naptime?  She told me she *was* describing naptime!  Well, naptime is just about the only time I can shower without my son crying so that's not very helpful.  My husband and I were literally getting ready to take down our bed to put on the ground when the simplest idea came to me.
We put the crib mattress on the ground!  This might not be the solution for people whose rooms are not baby-proof but since ours is, it works!  Sure when he wakes up he often climbs off and gets into stuff but the dangerous stuff is put away elsewhere.  Our bed is relatively short so he can't shouldn't be able to crawl under it, I'm not worried about that yet.
His mattress is close to the ground so even if he rolls off, he'll be fine.
In regards to the length of naps, it varies every single time.  On a good day, it will last at least 45 minutes and on a great day (today), it is at least 90 minutes.  If he's sick, it may be 10 minutes!  I have absolutely no tips for nap time as we just go with the flow.  He also has no schedule of nap times, we just put him down when he shows us he's tired.
I hope this tip for co-sleeping babies helps someone!

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