Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Try-It-Out with Cry-It-Out

So after our experience with the scratched throat, we were frazzled from restless nights and fussy days.  When I got home from work at 8 pm on Thursday, my son seemed a bit tired.  By 9- 10 pm, he was ready for bed.  But he would not settle to sleep with nursing!  It just seemed to give him a boost everytime!  So when midnight rolled around and we (the parents) were exhausted and my son was fussy, we were more than ready for bed.  We all laid down together and my son crawled all over us.  He would not settle even though he would lay his head down every once in a while, obviously tired.  I knew he would probably fall asleep if I rocked him but I was being stubborn after a day of fussiness.  I kept laying him down trying to nurse him but he kept rolling over.  I was grunting with frustration.  We can't agree now who first suggested it but DH went to get the front of the crib that we have "sidecarred" onto our bed.  We turned the light on and set up the front and put Robbie in there.  We agreed to be gentle about crying-it-out. 
At first he just crawled around in there.  Then he started whining, but not crying.  It was like he was trying to get my attention, not that he was upset.  I sleep next to the crib so I patted his hand and then he put his arm through the bar to touch me.  I let him but got into the sleeping position.  He continued to "talk" but not cry but not sleep!  I gave up and rocked him to sleep, haha.  Of course it took a much shorter time than setting up the crib and letting him hang in there took.
When we talked about it the next day, I told my husband I don't want to try it again.  He said him either.  I asked then why'd you want to do it then and he said it was my idea!  Neither of us recall why we did it or who suggested it but we agree that we won't be doing it again soon.  It's just not for our family.

***Disclaimer:  I'm not bashing anyone who practices CIO.  In our situation, it is not worth it.  If our situation was different, maybe it would be.***

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