Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Natural Deodorant Solutions

PITS! Natural Deodorant by The Balm
In my opinion, one of the hardest conventional body products to give up is deodorant/ antiperspirant.  While I'm not sure of the antiperspirant qualities of these solutions, they definitely work for odor.  If you are wondering why I don't use these products, here's a somewhat reliable unbiased source for info about the risk of aluminum use.  This particular article discredits a link between aluminum and health risks but I'm not going to take the chance.  It is really hard to find a product that works without aluminum!  I loved my Secret Clinical Strength deodorant, especially the scent.  I've had to come to terms with smelling like a human, not a flower.  I adjusted better than my husband...  But he's really hard to change, which is his choice.  I started using alternative products in 2011.
I found this deodorant from "Clean" that uses "cotton technology" as an antiperspirant.  I have no idea how the cotton technology works but Trader Joe's also has a deodorant with cotton, so I guess it's not just something "Clean" made up.  This deodorant worked fine but the Original scent was overpowering.  I had just stopped using the aluminum products and was more nervous about sweating and I recall sweating more than when using the aluminum product, which is normal.  It was also cakey and I didn't really like it but it seemed to work for controlling odor.
I then started using a gel deodorant from Sprouts and it didn't work great.  I liked the smell but it didn't last or control odor.
I was so frustrated with my search as I can sweat pretty heavily and I don't want to be walking around stinking up the place.  After searching online for something that would *work* I decided to try apple cidar vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol (not at the same time.)  The ACV worked amazingly, for a short while.  I applied before a shower and made sure not to use soap on my underarms.  I had absolutely no odor for maybe two weeks and then it came back.  Resiliant bacteria!  I then tried switching between the ACV and HP every other day, the HP after a shower and it also worked for a short time.
But my saving grace?  Rubbing alcohol!  Do I love the idea of applying RA on a large part of my body every day?  No, but it works.  I began this method while pregnant and my midwife said it was fine as long as I wasn't breathing in fumes all day.  The smell disappates as it dries and it doesn't burn even after I shave my underarms (but maybe I am used to it.)  It seems to work perfectly on its own (I've been using this method for over a year) but my sister found me a natural deodorant from Lush that I like to use in conjunction with the RA.  It is called Guv'ner and is for men, haha.  It works *so* well!  They have other ones I would like to try when I run out of this one.  I've been using it everyday for a year and I'm still on the same bottle!  I apply with a fluffy makeup brush.  It contains charcoal to soak up sweat and essential oils for frangrence.  I love it.
But my favorite cloth diaper store started carrying a product that my friends were raving about called PITS.  So of course I had to try it.  And I like it!  My husband prefers it to the RA and the man deodorant that I've been wearing for a year!  I don't use the RA at the same time with this and it seems to be okay.  I like the one step solution and lately I haven't even been washing it off my hands after, I just rub it in like a lotion.  It comes in a jar so I use a spoon to take a scoop out and rub it in with my fingers.  So far it's my favorite!
I had such a hard time finding something that actually worked for me and the RA and Guv'ner truly made my life easier.  I was so self-conscious of my body odor if one of the other methods failed.  I'm so happy they worked for me and now to have found another product that works is great!  None of these products made me feel nervous about using them, except maybe the RA, and now I don't even need that.  Now, that being said, they don't keep you from sweating like conventional deodorant.  The Guv'ner seemed to work the best for sweat but it didn't eliminate it.
I just had to realize that humans sweat and sometimes smell like humans, not flowers.  But these products have keep the odor away for me and I hope if you make the change they work for you!

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