Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Love Fuzzibunz!

Fuzzibunz Elite or One- Size are our favorite daytime diapers (too much adjusting for nighttime).  The *vast* majority of my cloth diapering friends hate Fuzzibunz in general or particularly the One-Size diaper.  But I love them!  We have about 30 diapers in our stash.
They are so trim and I love that the adjustable rise is hidden.  I don't like the look of exposed rise snaps but I wanted the majority of my stash to be one-size diapers.  There are a few other brands that have a hidden rise adjustment but I love my Fuzzibunz, don't need those other brands!
I also love the color options.  They come in many primary colors that are especially boy- friendly, I would like to see more pinks and purples or prints.  Some brands like bumGenius tend to be pastel that I don't like very much, especially on a boy.
There was a time where my son had red marks around his thighs that went away as soon as I adjusted the leg elastic.  In the beginning when our newborn rental was all natural fibers, he got a rash from the wetness but as soon as we started using FB during the day, the rash went away.  The microfleece wicks away the moisture from the baby's skin, keeping them dry.  My son didn't mind feeling wet besides the rash but some babies will cry the second the diaper is wet feeling.
My husband's favorite thing about FB, besides the fact we don't have to buy any new diapers, is the warranty!  Apparently one day I was feeling feisty and pulled a snap loose.  A couple weeks later it finally pulled all the way out.  I submitted the warranty info with pictures and the receipt on a Sunday and on Monday I received a shipment email for priority USPS shipping and had the diaper in my mail by Thursday!  Amazing customer service!  This was my only time dealing with the company but I've seen them interact many times with unhappy customers on their Facebook page.  I love the diapers and the company!

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