Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Bad" Mommy Moment

On Wednesday, I got a package from Amazon (yay!).  I thought nothing of giving my son the box to play with after I took the packaging out and making sure he wouldn't eat the tape.  Sure, I knew he could chew some pieces off, he has before, but I thought what's the worst that can happen besides him swallowing a piece or having to fish it out of his mouth later.  I'm not sure now what prompted me to take the box away, maybe the fact that I noticed he got a piece off or maybe he started coughing?  But I took the box away.  It wasn't the first time he'd eaten paper so I didn't think anything of it.  But when I tried to nurse him, he would latch on then immediately pull away with almost a disgusted look.  It was offending me!  But it made me think he had something in his mouth, he doesn't nurse if he has food in his mouth.  I offered him water in his sippy cup but it just dribbled out.  When I offered him Joe's O's, his favorite food, he gagged on them.  I was getting concerned.  He is not usually a fussy baby unless he's tired but he was crying but wouldn't nurse.
I tried getting him to sleep but again, he wouldn't nurse to sleep.  I asked my husband to rock him to sleep and then he went down for a nap.  But no even five minutes later, he was crying.  I went to rock him to sleep but when I tried to put him down on his bed, he woke up crying.  He ended up sleeping for about an hour in my arms.
The rest of the day he was fussy and it sounded like he had something in his sinuses.  He would cough and make a sound in the back of his throat.  He continued to gag on solid food and wouldn't nurse.
I called my mother-in-law, who is a advice nurse, and asked her what could be wrong.  She thought that he had scratched his throat with the cardboard and that the scratch was swollen, similar to scratching your throat on a tortilla chip.  It was a relief to have a reason why he was acting like this.  She said just to make sure he *could* swallow as if he can't, he needs to go to the doctor ASAP.  My husband offered him water from our water bottle, a novelty to him, and he did swallow it.
To give him a change of scenery, we took him to a coffee shop and then to my parents' house.  It crossed my mind that he might not want to nurse cause it was irritating to lay down so I made him a bottle there and he drank it.  That was a relief cause he hadn't really eaten since his first nap.
When we got home, he did nurse to sleep which was a *massive* relief, especially since I was terribly engorged.  When he went to sleep I pumped the other side since it was hard to the touch.
He slept pretty much normally that night.  The next day, he was a bit fussy and still gagging on solids but nursing better.  That night however... will continue in another post...

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