Sunday, January 13, 2013


It's funny, with modern cloth diapers, there is no longer a need for diaper pins, plastic pants or prefolds. In fact, the prefolds we own have been used mainly as burp cloths.  There are now pocket diapers and all-in-ones with stay dry fabric to keep your baby dry and comfy.  These are simple diapers that even the most lazy caregivers can't complain about.
But as always, retro things come back in style.  Hopefully no plastic pants but flats and prefolds (some with stay dry fabric themselves), fitted diapers and wool covers are in vogue.  And for many who get into cloth diapering to save money (one of my reasons), these now-popular options can make you wince at the price.  I've gotten almost all of my diapers on sale (B5G1) or with discount codes but Fuzzibunz are about $17.95.  For some people even that is prohibitive and some buy cheap Chinese diapers for about $5.  This may seem like a deal but often these diapers are bad quality or the labor conditions are terrible (read more about this at Dirty Diaper Laundry.)  But the moms that can afford to splurge (or can't resist the pull of pretty diapers) can buy these beauties and a lot of them.  My favorites that I'm saving up for are Bumby wool and Little Fancy Pants fitteds.
I have had a chance to actually get my hands on some Bumby wool and it is to die for.  If you've been imagining a itchy, hot sweater, this isn't the case with Bumby wool.  It almost feels like thick cotton material and can be machine washed (as opposed to many wool cloth diaper covers.)  I am planning to buy my first cover when preorders open up at Kissed by the Moon in early February.
The fitted I am drooling over is Little Fancy Pants.  They have adorable prints but the thing I like most about them is how absorbent they are.  During the day, a baby should be changed every couple hours or when they poo but I for one am not gonna wake my already light sleeper for a diaper change.  For nighttime diapers, the need is a diaper that absorbs all the night's pee and doesn't leak for up to 12 hours.  And reviews and friends say these will!  They are fitteds which means the whole diaper is absorbent and it requires a cover but this particular diaper is so absorbent, the pee often won't even make it to the outside before the next change, especially during the day.  And for supersoakers, there are sleepys and Windpros.  The sleepys have an extra two layers for nighttime use and the Windpros have a more water resistant outer fabric.  I've come to realize that my son is not as heavy a wetter as I thought, especially during the day but who doesn't want the best of the best, a very watertight diaper?
One scary aspect of wool is lanolizing.  This means adding lanolin to a wool cover to make it waterproof.  Add too little lanolin and the cover is not waterproof.  Add too much and it can stain the cover, make it very sticky and tough to put on.  The three resources I plan to use when I get my cover are:
I will report back when I try both of these products but I am 100% sure I will love them!

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