Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What I'm Watching (and Reading Now)

A question on Facebook prompted me to write this post. 
My name is Tricia and I am a Netflix addict.  Since my son was born I have watched A LOT of movies but even more tv shows.  With a book you have to devote your mind to it but a show can be on it the backgroung while you're finally catching up on the dishes.  I do watch tv with my son in the room and while playing with him but I do think there needs to be a balance between the attention I give the tv and giving Robbie the attention he needs/ deserves.  There is a happy medium.
I've watched Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, United States of Tara, How I Met Your Mother (love it), Sons of Anarchy, Rescue Me, Being Human U.K. (haven't finished), First Position (a documentary about ballet, love this too!), Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, the Millenium series (also LOVE), and lots more.
Right now I am watching Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story, and The Vampire Diaries and also reading the Vampire Diaries books.
This isn't even including my Hulu queue!  There I watch Law and Order: SVU (probably my favorite show ever), the Office, Parks and Rec, Bones.
Some books that are on my "to read" list are some natural parenting books like Beyond the Sling, some baby/ toddler play books, some financial planning books by Dave Ramsey, and of course all the classics that everyone has on their list: Anna Karenina, Dickens and so on.  Plus I gotta get my chic lit in and I have The Boy I Loved Before actually checked out at home.
I'm not very proud of how much tv I watch but at least I can admit I'm addicted!

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