Sunday, January 13, 2013

Exercise- Couch 2 5K and P90X

I learned about a running app on iOS called Couch 2 5K from a youTube mommy, Jeni.  I've been wanting to get into running since my mom lost a TON of weight and got in great shape by running.  Another youTube mommy Allison lost 60 lbs (!) by running and eating healthier.  I want to tone up my body and also gain some endurance as I have just about none.  Run to the car?  I'm huffing and puffing and that's all the exercise I'll do in a day (besides wrangling a baby 24/ 7.)  But starting to run always sounds so hard since I never do it.  That's why when Jeni mentioned the app that helps you get from Couch 2 5K in nine weeks I was interested.  I don't expect to be able to run a 5K right off the bat and this app helps slowly increase the amount of running to make it more attainable.  I went on a walk with my mom today and we decided to run about a half mile from her house.  It was a good start and I will start the program tomorrow.
As for P90X, I still haven't found a time to fit it into my day yet.  Especially in addition to running.  I know DH would help me find time but I think I'd rather start with one, then maybe after 9 weeks, I'll find the time and maybe my son will be sleeping better, so I can exercise in the evening.
My New Year's resolution to drink only one soda a day is going well.  It's the 13 of January and I've been strong.  This doesn't mean I haven't had a 32 oz (!) cup but that I didn't have another soda the same day, no matter how big.  It is terrible to drink that much but at least I have one realistic way to moderate it.  
I'm excited to start this journey and that means a lot.  Being positive means I'll be more confident and likely to succeed.

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