Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cloth Diaper Confession: Tide!

Today I used Tide as my cloth diaper detergent! Depending on who you ask, Tide is either the savior of cloth diaper-ers or the devil. Since it is a highly tested popular brand, the consensus is that it cleans well and rinses squeaky clean. But many people are sensitive to the detergent, including a few people in my family. But it is worth a try to me. I have been battling stinky diapers for a whole now, maybe 6 months!
At first I used Country Save with a cold rinse, hot wash with a second rinse. Even before I ran out of that I was battling the stinkies. Sometimes it was a strong ammonia smell as soon as my son peed, or sometimes it was smelly diapers between the washer and dryer (but not usually both.) This is frustrating as I don't want him to smell like pee all the time and it is a deterrent to cloth diapering. I asked my sister if she was interested in CDing and she said she is thinking about it but when she has switched my diaper laundry that it has smelled. This is embarrassing! Plus that is the last thing that should be stopping someone from CDing.
The next detergent I tried was Ruby Moon. I didn't notice a difference between either detergent. At one point I added a towel to the wash, which increases the water and helps with agitation, and it seemed to help some. I usually forget to add one though.
When I ran out of Ruby Moon, out of desperation I tried my Trader Joe's detergent that I use on our clothes. It seemed to work! Just to prevent build-up I added a second wash with a tablespoon of Strip It! My diapers didn't smell the freshest between the washer and dryer but they didn't smell on the butt when he peed. But I hate having to do two cycles per load!
So we're trying Tide. I want to be able to do a rinse, a wash + extra rinse, with no stinkies between the washer and dryer. Then no stinkies on the butt. We'll see and I'll write another post about it.

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