Tuesday, November 6, 2012

6 Months Old!

Robbie is such a big boy, I can't believe he's already 6 months old.  He is now crawling and sitting by himself.  He's even reached up for the coffee table and pushed to standing!  He's crazy!  He weighs about 20 pounds!  He is eating some table food but for the most part, he's still nursing.  He also has two teeth!
DH and I have switched our work schedules so when I work, he cares for Robbie and when DH works, I watch him.  It is working out perfectly and we still have time to see each other at night.  We haven't left him for an extending period of time yet but we're planning on having a date night soon and DH's mom will watch him.
Our parents see him a lot.  DH's parents come over a couple times a week to play with Robbie and we take advantage of that time to catch up on cleaning and things like that.  We go over to my parents' house to do laundry and because he's cloth diapered, we're over there a lot!  Robbie just started to notice their dogs and tries to play with them, he even grabbed a handful of Penny's fur.  They are really good with him and either ignore him on the ground or lick him as they walk by.
He is a really happy baby and smiles all the time.  When he wakes up in the morning he just plays by himself and eventually his squeals of happiness wake us up.  His favorite time is between when he wakes up for the morning and before his first nap.
Speaking of naps, he seems to be lengthening the time between naps, but not consolidating them into longer naps.  He doesn't have a schedule but has more of a routine.  He wakes up, is ready for a nap in about an hour, naps 45- 60 mins, up for maybe two hours, naps again for about 45-60 mins, repeat a couple times.  But sometimes he may go 3- 4 hours without a nap.  Lately he seems to be getting about a two hour nap in the evening, waking for about two hours then it's bedtime.  Like I said, he absolutely has no schedule and even sometimes his routine is unpredictable.  I don't know how a baby can be predictable, mine likes to keep us on our toes :) 

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