Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sleep Habits

I've been wanting to document his sleep habits.  Last night, he slept well and has apparently napped very well for DH, as well as being in a good mood.  Usually if he sleeps well at night, we're in for a doozy of a day.  On the other hand, if he is up a lot a night, he naps great!  We decided for every one's sake, it is better if he naps well and has a good day, than a good night.
At the start, when he wasn't sleeping, he was eating.  If he wasn't eating, he was sleeping.  We were so lucky and were never tired from having a brand new baby.  At maybe 6 weeks, he was awake more during the day and it was a trial getting him down for naps.  He needed to nurse to sleep or be held and bounced for up to an hour.  We were spending more time trying to get him to sleep than he had been awake before he got tired.  But he was sleeping EXCELLENT at night!  He continued to sleep all through the night, waking just a few times to eat.  Around this time he was probably "sleeping through the night (STTN)," sleeping between seven hours to even a whopping ten!  That night I had to wake him up to feed him cause I was so full.  He would sleep by himself in the cosleeper while we stayed in the living room and also when we went to bed.  When he woke to nurse, we would bring him in bed and he'd finish the night/ morning there.  This continued when I went back to work, him sleeping great at night and with us bouncing him to sleep in the Ergo for naps.
Then about a month after I went back to work, he reverse cycled.  This means instead of eating during the day and sleeping at night, he would eat instead during the night.  It wasn't as bad as it could have been: he wasn't fussing to eat while people watched him while I was at work and only woke to eat at night, going right back to sleep after.  But this was also the time where he started napping great during the day!  So strange!  At the worst point, when he also had a cold, he was up every single hour at night, but would go back to sleep after he nursed.
Last night he fell asleep in our bed and woke when I would leave.  It was already 11 so I decided to just go to sleep with him.  He then slept for four hours without waking.  After he woke, he nursed to sleep right away; this happened a couple times but I don't really keep track of these wakings.  As long as I get a good couple hours straight and then he falls back asleep right away, I call it a good night.  I am still craving those nights I took for granted when he was sleeping by himself for seven hours straight.  I'm hoping we are on our way back to that.  I absolutely don't mind sharing our bed with him, it is what we planned before he was even born but without one of us in the bed, he doesn't sleep for longer than one sleep cycle.  I want some time to read or watch a full length movie without having to stop it.  Again, I thought that when he was STTN, that it was for good!
But with babies, you never know!  He has a mind of his own.  But last night was so much better than it has been the last month or so, so I hope it will get better soon, and I know when he a teenager I'll have to drag him out of bed, it won't last forever!